Daty is a lightweight Wikidata editor and reader for the GNOME desktop.

The program is available for download for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows (soon for Mac OS, too).

In this beta editing is disabled, so you can mainly use it to surf the project and do database queries graphically.

Daty permits to open several entities with a single query through the use of filters. A filter in this context is pretty much a phrase of the form some subject has property object, whose components can be entities, properties or variables

The main Daty window is divided into several areas:

Entities list

The entities list at the left displays all the entities currently open in the editor.

In the context of Wikidata, an entity is a clearly identifiable concept or object, or an instance (an example of) of a clearly identifiable concept or object. For example, in Wikidata we can have items for both the concept of planet (Q634) and an instance of a planet, Earth (Q2).

Some commands in Daty can act on a group of entities. To enter selection mode, click on the select button in the headerbar.

If you just selected an entity in the Entities list, you can start typing to filter entities in the list.

Entity Page

The entity page displays the properties and the values valid for the currently selected entity in Entities list.

In the next version, you will be able to click on the values to change their contents.

When the page of an entity is too big to be easily read, you can search for a specific property or value by clicking the search button in the headerbar or just starting typing.

Common Page

The common page will display all properties and values common to the entities you pinned in selection mode.